Star Shepherds


Heidi is a beautiful sable with a sweet personality and a love for tennis balls. Her Dam is Halli Vom Grundstein-Cornerstone, our black/red West German long coat.  Her Sire is Panzer Vom SIr Samson Von Der Held, our large East German grey sable.  Heidi was born April 7, 2014.  She weighed 85 lbs at her last vet visit.  

She is high energy and has a medium to med/high prey/ball drive.  She is very athletic, a good jumper, loves to swim, play frisbee, and has a very strong desire to learn and do a "job."  She is also a very sweet loving girl with a good temperament.  She is great around kids and very friendly and family oriented.  While not our biggest dog, she has proven to be very protective of her "people" when out in secluded areas when she comes across people of "interest".

She has been through basic obedience classes, and has been through a lot of bite work as a puppy. She enjoys playing fetch and jumping in the air for the tennis ball.  She also is a natural around people with disabilities. She is extremely intelligent - a  wonderful, girl.
She is OFA good hips, normal elbows and is DM clear.  

Chloe is a very spunky high drive red sable with a heart of gold.  One of Gabby and Panzer's pups born 5/30/2015.  Chloe was the first along with her brother Dodger to climb out of the whelping box at 2 1/2 weeks of age, and also the first to climb out of the play pen at 3 weeks of age.  She was showing ball drive already at that age, too.  She has no fear, and jumped right in the pond after the big dogs at 5 weeks of age.  She tries to show how "tough" she is by proving she can stay outside in the cold.  I make her come in to find her little body trembling.  She is very determined and head strong.  I have very big plans for this girl! 

She is also very sweet and loves to give (and receive) kisses!



Lady is our Rosy's daughter - Rosy of Texas - a very large mostly East German working line.  Rosy has been our main breeder and has always produced very large, strong solid pups (she is retired).  Lady's Sire is Sir Samson Von Der Held an energetic East German grey sable with police, protection, border patrol in his lines. 
Lady is extremely high drive, a very strong athletic, powerful girl with very high prey/ball drive.  She loves to swim, and challenge her "bigger" brother Panzer at the ball.  If I could describe her in one word, it would be "determined".  She is always the first to get the ball, or stick.  She is the fastest in the water - she swims laps daily - even in winter. She is a very serious girl, and means business. Lady is the real deal.  If you are wanting a dog to train in IPO or a real working dog, I recommend a puppy from Lady.    


Lady is extremely intelligent, and obedient.  She is off leash obedience trained.  She is a very muscular, solid and lean 95 lbs at her last vet visit. 

She is very loving and has an excellent temperament around kids, but also aloof around strangers. She is a remarkable German shepherd. 

She is OFA certified good hips, normal elbows and DM clear.  



Gabby is a beautiful black and red  female.  She is a wonderful representative of her breed.  Her Dam is Halli Vom Grundstein-Cornerstone, our long coat who has VA and V titled dogs throughout  her pedigree with multiple World Siegers and 2X World Siegers.  Her Sire is Prince Otso Von Otto Von Fifehaus, a very large boned mostly East German black/red working-line.  We purposely bred Halli and Otso to strengthen and increase the size of Halli's lines while adding the beauty of the West German lines.    

Gabby is an extremely intelligent, athletic girl.  She is very fun-loving, full of energy, life and personality but also protective when need be.  She is excellent with children.  

Gabby is high energy with medium ball/prey drive.  She can jump well and go threw tunnels and has a strong grip on the rope.  She is a natural with agility.  She is an average size German shepherd, but she has strong solid bones, and the pups she produces are solid.  They also have very nice rich coats.  Gabby has a nice rich thick black/red plushy coat. 

She is OFA certified fair hips, normal elbows and DM clear.