Star Shepherds



Rosy is a large boned, straight back beautiful German working-lines.  She comes from champion bloodlines with SCH2 and SCH3 with V and VA titles as well as World Siegers (VA1) Canto Von Arminius, (Va1) Zamb Von Der Wienerau, and 2x World Seiger (2VA1) Fonto Vom Herschel in her pedigree.  She also has the "legendary" (V) Zoro vom Laager Wall, Schh3, FH1, Kkl-1 in her pedigree.  He is one of the original DDR's that came from one of the true few DDR kennels in Germany. 

Rosy is the perfect example of a "TRUE" German shepherd.  She is extremely intelligent, athletic and strong, with a high ball drive and prey drive.  She is also very intuitive and protective but at the same time very loving and sweet. She has a good temperament and disposition and loves to "work" and show the other dogs how things are done.  She is a natural born leader.  Her favorite game is to play fetch with the tennis ball and also chase sticks in the pond.  Rosy has been through obedience training and is off leash trained.  She is a very loyal obedient girl.  

She has had some remarkable puppies, very strong, solid, big boned and healthy, many of whom have gone to family's from "working" ranch homes, former GSD breeders and dog show enthusiasts, and former police officers, doctors and attorneys, all of which have wonderful homes, but most have gone on to become family pets, companions and guardians in loving homes.  She is very large for a female, weighing in just over 100 lbs.  She has always produced very large pups, even with "average" size Sires.  Even her "smaller" male pups are close to 100 lbs.  Her own Sire was 135 lbs and littermate Otso (who is Gabby's Sire) also weighs 120 lbs.     


Halli is a beautiful black and red long coat.  She is 100% West German bloodlines with World Champions throughout her pedigree.  She has several World Seigers and 2x World Seigers in her pedigree such 2X (VA1) Quando von Arminius,  2X(VA1) Uram vom Wildsteiger Land, 2X (VA1) Fonto vom Hirschel, and 2X (VA1) Ute Vom Trienzbachtel; along with (VA1) Ursus von Batu, (VA1) Visum von Arminius, (VA1) Jeck vom Noricum, (VA1) Zamb von der Wienerau, (VA1) Eiko vom Kirschental, (VA1) Axel Von Der Hainsterbach and (VA1) Kimon Van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve, as well as all VA and V titled dogs throughout her immediate pedigree.  
Halli is extremely loyal and faithful companion as well as being a very intelligent, obedient girl. She probably is the most loyal of all our dogs, always waiting for me and staying by my side, or coming back to find me when the others run on ahead to play.  She has a medium/high ball and prey drive and a strong desire to please her people and learn.  Halli has been through obedience training and also has her "HIC" - Herding Instinct Certificate.  She is also off leash trained.  

Halli is officially "retired" and being spoiled, but her lines will carry on through Gabby and also Heidi and Chloe.  

Rosy and Halli are both the true "Stars" of Star Shepherds.  They are both beautiful faithful, loyal, intelligent wanting to please us.  Rosy being our "original Star", they have both proven faithful and true to their breed and to us and have produced some remarkable puppies.  I am thankful and blessed for having both of them in my life - I have learned so much from both of these girls.  Both of their lines will carry on - Rosy's through Lady, Panzer, Ruby and StrongHeart, and Halli through Gabby and Heidi.