Shiner Vom Norben (compliments of Norben GSDs is a beautiful solid black DDR.  His Sire is UKC champion Arek Vom Norben.  Shiner comes from a long line of well bred champion titled DDR's. He produces beautiful high quality puppies that are very solid and big boned. Shiner is the Sire of our Ruger and Star.  He is OFA good hips and normal elbows.  DM clear.  

Texas' Ranger "Ranger" we purchased as a baby because he was a BIG beautiful black and red German Shepherd puppy.  It's hard to really find big pups, so we jumped on it when we found him.  He was a big sweetheart from champion lines - West German and American.  He has some VA and V titles in his German lineage with a few World Siegers, and champion Heidelburg in his American.  He is large boned, straight back, a very sweet gentle temperament.  He and Gabby produced some absolutely beautiful plushy black/red puppies. 

Ranger is living with a wonderful family in Dripping Springs and another GSD a little boy are his best buddies.  We loved him and wanted what was best for HIM.  He grew up with Panzer and Lady, and even though they were all close in age, they were too intense for his gentle sweet temperament.  We felt he would be happier in a normal home with less dogs. 

Gabby always loved him...   


I very carefully pick and choose who we use as a stud dog.  I don't just use a dog because "He looks good"!  Yes we want attractive dogs, but their health, their temperament, their pedigree, and any offspring they may have already produced, etc. is all taken into account when choosing the right stud for our female.   

I do my best to choose dogs that will compliment who I am breeding them with, where they will both bring out the best in each other.  




Sir Samson Von Der Held (compliments of J. Halstrom) is a wonderful representative of the breed.  He is a grey sable DDR (East German) with police, protection and border patrol in his lines as well as a long line of DDR Siegers and working titled DDR champions.  Samson is very high energy with high ball/prey drive.  Even with all that high energy, he was still a very sweet boy with a good temperament.  He produced remarkable puppies.  Samson weighs about 95 lbs of solid muscle. 

Samson is the Sire of our Panzer and Lady.        


Prince Otso Von Otto Von Fifehaus (compliments of A. McAlister) "Otso" is a very large boned, straight back beautiful black and red German working-lines.  He comes from champion bloodlines with SCH2 and SCH3 with V and VA titles as well as World Siegers (VA1) Canto Von Arminius, (Va1) Zamb Von Der Wienerau, and 2x World Seiger (2VA1) Fonto Vom Herschel in her pedigree.  He also has the "legendary" (V) Zoro vom Laager Wall, Schh3, FH1, Kkl-1 in his pedigree.  Zoro is one of the original DDR's that came from one of the true few DDR kennels in Germany. 

Otso is mostly East German with some West German also, and a tiny touch of American which is Champion Heidelburg. Otso is a very sweet boy with an excellent temperament, and he is like "family" to us as he is Rosy's littermate.  He weighs around 120 lbs.

We purposely bred him with Halli to bring in a straighter back, bigger stronger bones and strength.  They had some beautiful pups - more long coats than plush or short.  

Otso is the Sire of our Gabby who has produced some absolutely beautiful puppies.                   





Arek Vom Norben (compliments of Norben GSDs) is a very large black and red DDR.  He is a UKC champion and also a service dog.  Many of his offspring have gone on to be service dogs.  He has an excellent temperament, and has produced some absolutely remarkable very large beautiful pups.

He is the Sire of our Ruby. Ruby's sister Sylvia (now Sophie) has gone to a wonderful home and is in training to become a Therapy dog.  He is OFA good hips, normal elbows and DM clear.  


King Draegen Von "Hoss" is a very large beautiful red sable straight back German shepherd.  He is mostly East German bloodlines, and is a proven producer of very large beautiful dogs. 

Hoss weighs 120+ (being conservative). 

Sargent and Juls - his last picture.


Star Shepherds





Sarge, an East German working-line,  was the "perfect dog" that was taken from us way before his time.  Sargent was a very gentle, sweet loving boy, and extremely intelligent.  I've had people come up to me and tell me he reminded them of "RinTinTin".  He was one of the best dogs I have ever owned, and people came to us because he and Rosy produced some wonderful pups together. 

He was an excellent pet as well as the perfect guardian and companion. He had an excellent temperament and disposition. He was very sweet and mellow, but also extremely intelligent and always seemed to somehow just "know" when something or someone wasn't "quite right".  He was great with kids - he protected and watched over them. He even protected and watched over baby bunnies and baby birds that our other pets were trying to catch.  I could tell many stories about him as I am sure all of you could about your own dogs.

He is greatly missed...


Romantic Ranger giving his girl a kiss.

Boomer Vom Abdeckerhaus (compliments of A.Skinner) is a beautiful large black/red German bloodlines weighing 117 at his last vet visit.  

His Sire is East German and his Dam is West German.

He comes from a long lineage of well bred, titled and health tested dogs.  He is OFA'd good hips, normal elbows.