All of our puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee, on hips, elbows, and anything life threatening, life shortening (that is genetic to the breed)..

They come with age appropriate shots and deworming's and a very detailed health chart specifically put together for your individual puppy from the day he/she is born, with any important information you will need to take to your new vet.  I write down exactly which shots are given and the date.  I also include when the next shots are due with everything highlighted for your convenience.  I do the same with de-wormings. I have always done this for my puppy buyers.  

You will also get a folder that has all the above information in it along with the AKC registration paperwork (Limited - unless we have agreed prior).  You will also get a lot of helpful information from AKC, a "Welcoming Home Your Puppy" packet that I personally put together myself that is specifically geared toward German shepherd puppies, and copies of any health certifications on the parents along with the parents pedigrees (upon request).

We send you home with some puppy food to help you transition over to whatever food you want to give your puppy.  We feed our puppy's a chicken and rice puppy chow that is made by Diamond Naturals.  Our adults eat a chicken and rice, lamb and rice, turkey and sweet potato, or a salmon and sweet potato formula.  We purchase our food in bulk, so the packaging may LOOK different, 

BUT IT IS NOT A CHEAP OR LOW GRADE DOG FOOD!  It was actually on the list of "good" dog foods recommended by Dog Naturally Magazine (an older edition).    


One of our puppy owners, Tina Nguyen Barrett, has put together and made available to our customers a free phone app compatible to all cell phones.  

Our phone app contains a lot of helpful information pertaining to your new German shepherd puppy to help you prepare your home for him.  This "welcoming home your new puppy" packet is something I put together a long time ago and put it in all my puppy folders. The great thing about the app is you can look at it BEFORE you get your puppy, so you know how to prepare your home.  

It also will have pictures of the upcoming puppies as they grow, so you will be able to see each individual puppy.  If the pups are too still too young, there will just be a picture of a previous litter that is similar to the new litter in coloring and/or looks.

Thank you Tina!  We love Ms Aggie!  .  

AvailableB Waymark
AvailableS. Ward*

J.RhoadesS Ward *
D DeLaTores*J Delve
C DebuskAvailable
K. Moore*Available

B WaymarkBreeder
D DeLaTores*S Ward*
S. JonesAvailable
K. Moore*Available

We are anticipating a litter from a new breeding of Gabby/Strongheart mid late August 2018.

Aggie - belongs to Tina and Joe Barrett

Please see our Facebook pages for current pictures and updates:


 (expecting mid July)

We are anticipating a litter from a new breeding of Chloe/Strongheart mid July 2018.



Contact for litter and pricing information.

​512 709-9737​​​

* looking for specifics, or have a specific situation -    may change litters 


or dog from Germany (more info on dog later)



(expecting mid to late August)

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