Hansel and Gretel have a wonderful home! 


"If you remember I told you I am a retired police officer spending a majority of my service as a K9 Officer and Trainer. I just wanted to let you know I picked a good one, Helden has been amazing and more than I expected. He has an incredible ball/hunt drive, smart, fears nothing, teaches easily, good with people and other dogs, great agility, protective, good with kids, and the list keeps going. I just needed to tell you this because the parent match for Helden was a good one and if any of the other puppies are like him they would make great police or working dogs. I also just wanted to say thanks for keeping the straight back bloodline for these dogs, this is so important. Helden is such a part of our family now and we are so thankful to have him."

​-S. Stout

Star Shepherds got the opportunity to go to Canada this past summer (2016) to deliver some puppies to a very nice couple from Germany.  We took Ruger and Ruby with us, and they had so much fun running around.  It's a doggy paradise with over 1000 acres, several ponds and a lake.  Ruger and Ruby were both very good representatives of the breed.and well behaved.  Ruger is extremely mellow, but his protective side did come out.  

Please note, Ruger was only 8 1/2 months old during this trip.  He has grown considerably since that time.    

​"Just wanted to give you a update on Helden. As you know we used to own a Police K9 Training Facility. Helden is by far the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, and that says a lot because my Police K9 (Rex) was very good. (354 arrest) He has such a ball or hunt drive that it's almost annoying. He can play fetch all day, and I mean all day without stopping. This is no joke! He swims on his own and knows what I am saying in German and English. No doubt I think I scored with him. He was probably pick of the litter. Also, he has an amazing catch ability, he will catch anything thrown at him anyway anyhow. We are truly blessed to have him!"

-S. Stout

"I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a German Shepherd!  These are  the dogs I grew up with in Germany!"

-B. Monroe

Star Shepherds



Star Shepherds is a small hobby breeder located in the country just outside of Austin, Texas. German Shepherds are my love, my passion...  I developed a profound admiration for the breed from my father who had them in the military, and instilled within me a deep love and respect for them from my earliest memory.  They have always been my favorite breed of dog.    

Here at Star Shepherds, we are interested in the preservation and improvement of the original large boned, straight back German working-line dogs that originated in Europe.  The original German shepherd was not the angle back or roach back with its back end almost touching the ground.  It was also a bigger dog than most of the dogs we see today.  They were working dogs with drives, created to do a job.  We are not trying to make a different, "low drive" dog.  That was NOT what the original German shepherd was.  We are trying to bring back what the original dog was and incorporate it into today's society with today's needs.        

It is our opinion that German shepherds are the most intelligent, faithful, noble, and above all loyal dogs you will ever own!  They are not just ANY breed. There are a LOT of intelligent dogs, and a LOT of athletic dogs, but the uniqueness of the German shepherd is that they sum up the best qualities of all working dogs into one breed.  This is why they are used worldwide by military, private security, and police. 

Those who are fearful of this breed don't understand its purpose, relationship to its owners, and its potential and willingness to want to please and offer its life for its owners.  I have had many dogs that have been wonderful, intelligent pets, but none of them compare to the intelligence, loyalty and intuitiveness that the German shepherd just has naturally.    

All of our pups are delivered and hand raised in our home with the help and love of our three daughters.  Each puppy gets individual love and attention and is exposed to country life, other animals, and different environments, weather permitting.  They get exposed to different terrain when we take them on "field trips" or little outings when they are old enough.  They may go swimming in our pond or run on wooded trails with the big dogs.  We closely watch each puppy from the moment it is born.  We watch and observe how they interact with each other, other animals, in different environments and how they respond to difference noises, stimulus, and play with their toys, etc.  Because of this close observation, and understanding of their personality and temperament, we may recommend a puppy (or a few) we feel are a good fit for you, taking into consideration your wants and needs.  If we do not have what we believe to be the "right " match for you, we will tell you. Depending on your time frame, we may recommend a different breeding that will produce what you are looking for. or possibly even send you to a different breeder altogether.  We are not just trying to get money and sell pups.  We want you to be happy and have the right dog for you.          

We want to make sure each puppy is matched up with the best home possible.  For example we don't want to give a first time GSD owner a very high energy, highly driven puppy that they won't be able to manage when it is 6 months of age.  We want to find the right puppy for you, the best puppy for you!     

Our dogs are a part of our family and treated as such.  They are not kept in kennels!  There is a place for kennels, but it is our personal opinion a home raised puppy is a happy puppy.  We keep our dogs indoors as the weather requires, or let them run outside where we have a pond for them to stay cool during the hot Texas summers.

Along the same lines, we believe that it's in a German shepherd dog's best interest to live in a home with an ample fenced yard,   That being said, we have partnered with a local Real Estate Firm who is willing to provide discounts on service to our clients for the express purpose of buying or upgrading into a new home.  Please contact us directly for more information on our Puppy Discount Home Owner Incentive Program.    

While each litter is different, and the dogs have different drives,  German shepherds are "working dogs", and these dogs are "working-line" dogs.  They need regular daily exercise and a job or enough training and exercise to where they think they are doing a job.  We take our dogs swimming every day, even in the winter, if it's not raining or too cold.  We also take them walking daily and will go running (or walking) through neighboring wooded trails.  They go to work with me on a regular basis on our property.  One dog I take with me everywhere while I am working.  He is my personal protection if I have to work outside my fence line, alone in the country.  He has proven himself faithful.    .

We do our best in our breeding's to match up dogs that will bring out the best qualities in each other.  They balance out each others weaknesses and bring out each others strengths.  My goal is to produce a beautiful healthy strong dog that far surpasses the norm in intelligence, one that has natural intuition, a dog that is emotionally balanced and stable, that you can feel safe with your children or other children around. One that is also big beautiful majestic with a strong solid frame and straight back like the original German shepherds had.  But also one that you feel confident will do its job and protect you and your loved ones if it came down to it!  We do not want to take away from what the German shepherd truly was meant to be!

Our dogs are known for their good temperaments and are good with children while at the same time they are naturally protective.  Our puppy's have gone on to working ranch's, K-9 officers/handlers, military, retired military, police officers and former police officers..  We have one that has become a K-9 narcotic detection dog, 2 are in training to become Therapy dogs, one is a PTSD dog, one was in training for service work, and several have gone on to further extensive training, with a few qualifying for Schutzhund and Personal Protection. But most of our pups have just gone on to become family companions and guardians in wonderful loving homes to everyday regular people.  


It is important for us that if you choose one of our puppies that it is going to a "forever" home, and we do our best to match you with the right puppy for your home.